Jailed rapper Kodak Black plead guilty in federal court for making false statements on a federal firearms application. While Kodak is well known for being an outspoken bragger in Hip Hop and having a knack, even from behind bars, for keeping his name trending, the rapper is also known for being a notorious jailbird. Kodak has spent much of his young life in and out of the system. Money, fame, and power be damned… it seems the “ZeZe” rapper has found his way back inside.

Apparently, Kodak lied on his firearms application saying he’s not under indictment for which he might spend more than a year in jail. Well everybody knows he’s under indictment for allegedly sexually assaulting a girl in South Carolina in 2016. He must have really had to have that heat.

You’ll remember the feds ambushed Kodak at this year’s Rolling Loud Festival in May. It caused a big stir in the rap community and even inspired some, like lil Wayne, to offer up a protest. After Kodak was arrested, Wayne refused to enter the venue and perform his set.

It appears Kodak is looking at a possible 10-year sentence, but bets are he will get a much lighter sentence. Word is, he’s cooperating with police and admitting his crimes. However, it should not be overlooked that the judge in the case denied Kodak a bond because he considers him a threat to the community. The same judge will decide Kodak Black’s fate at sentencing in November.

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