Rapper Tee Grizzley was riding through his hometown of Detroit on Tuesday night when his Cadillac Escalade came under deadly fire. He was apparently riding with his manager and auntie, Jobina Brown, and a driver. Jobina was in the back driver side while Tee Grizzley was in the front passenger. Reports differ, but we’re told they stopped on Three Mile Drive and while Tee Grizzley was either getting out of the SUV, or perhaps already inside a house at that location, someone walked up to Jobina’s side, opened the door, and riddled her with bullets.


TMZ says the driver told police Jobina let out a scream just prior to the bullets being fired. Paramedics arrived and treated her, but by the time they reached the hospital, Jobina was gone. Police have not said if her shooting was a targeted hit, but neither Tee Grizzley nor the driver were even injured in any way. While the gunman approached on foot, we’re getting reports that he dashed off in a vehicle. How did they know Tee Grizzley and Jobina would be in that spot at that time? Many questions need answering.

Tee Grizzley is recieving an outpouring of love from others in a Hip Hop industry that remains the most dangerous music scene ever in American history. Having suffered the tragic loss of a friend to gun violence, rapper TI posted these words on Instagram…. “They place the heaviest loads on the strongest backs… Our prayers & condolences lil bro… Stay strong…”

Not only his manager, Jobina Brown was married to one of Tee Grizzley’s uncles, and they’ve been working together for years. We’re checking for new info with the situation very soon, and we’ll keep you plugged in. Until the next time it drips….