That’s right, let’s run this same record back one more time… Future is a possible baby daddy for a seventh time. The real street math says eight, but when you’re headed towards double digits, who cares. Instagram model Eliza Reign has brought a paternity suit against the “Jumpin’ on a jet” rapper in Broward County, Florida. The baby girl is now four months old, but TMZ says Eliza told a judge that Future ghosted her after she gave birth. She claims she had no choice but to go to court.


When Future was expecting his seventh child born last December, there were rumblings that Eliza Reign was pregnant, but then as now, Future has no comment. Eliza’s Instagram page is pretty racy, and back then it was even more so; perhaps that’s Future’s real problem with addressing the issue of paternity with Eliza. She’s looking for back pay and reimbursement of her medical bills.

Also, Eliza’s already started an Instagram page for her newborn, and she already has over 8k followers. The baby’s name… Reign Wilburn. It kinda hits different when you say it like that. We’ll keep you updated on this story for sure – until the next time it drips…

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