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Well things have gotten messy in ‘Spice Girl World’ again. Looks like Mel B’s ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, is laying his claim to a nice chunk of change he knows the Scary Spice superstar just made. The Spice Girls went on a very lucrative and well publicized reunion tour this year. Stephen says it netted his ex a cool $2.4 million, and he wants a major jump in his child support payments.

TMZ reports newly filed court documents reveal he’s currently getting $5,000 per month from Mel B for their daughter Madison, but now he wants the court to more than triple that amont to $17,394 per month. He says by Mel B’s own admission in court documents, Scary Spice is flush with cash, and he deserves his split. If he’s successful, it would no doubt be another bitter pill the singer would have to swallow, especially since the two split with Mel B throwing accusations of physical abuse and sexual exploitation in the marriage.

Stephen Belafonte is a filmmaker by trade, and supposedly, has an impressive cache of pics and video of him and Mel B in a raunchy threesome with some scantily clad socialite from across the pond… but you didn’t hear that from me. Besides, Mel B successfully got all that stuff sqauashed through restraining orders against him. You may also remember Mel B insisting that Stephen was smashing their nanny too… and she says he got her pregnant.

So you see, don’t nobody want to go back to court… this thing could get explosive. We’ll just sit back and see what they do next, and we’ll keep you plugged in.

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