Judge Mathis seems to be caught on tape hostilely approaching a valet in Detroit at the same time the valet claims the judge spit on him. The accusations came out a few days ago, but the TV judge has vehemently denied spitting on the young man. Judge Mathis did admit to having a verbal altercation with him, but he didn’t mention himself being the aggressor. TMZ obtained the video feed – have a look…

As you can see, the Judge does lean in the car a bit in anger, but it was a very quick move, and hard to say for sure it was a spitting attack – decide for yourself. Judge Mathis did put some context on the situation saying he had been waiting a whopping 40 minutes for the keys to his Rolls Royce, and basically got pissed the valet was running for other cars with the judge’s keys in his pocket. He got so hot that a friend had to pull the judge away from the guy.

The valet in question is putting the full court press on legal action over the incident. He even says he wants a DNA test on his jacket to prove Judge Mathis was loose with his saliva. We’ll let you know if your favorite soapbox judge will be dragged into court himself over this issue, so stay tuned.

Until the next time it drips…