Struggling pop star Britney Spears is seeing more of her custodial rights dwindling in the latest agreement with ex-husband, Kevin Federline. TMZ is reporting that Britney can only have her two kids with Federline 30% of the time. Their two sons, twelve year old Jayden and thirteen year old Sean, can be with their mother unsupervised, but her ability to care for them continues to be a question for debate.

The boys have been forced to spend more time at their dad’s anyway, since Britney’s recent mental health setbacks over the last year. You may remember she had several mental breaks during that time, and was forced to admit herself to a mental health facility, from which she decided to leave before her treatment concluded. In the midst of all that, she was also fighting with her father about his conservatorship of her fortune.

Through it all, she’s had her twenty-five year old personal trainer boyfriend Sam Asghari, who Britney continues to gush over online, by her side. However, she hasn’t been able to work in a long time, and her turmoil persists. We’re told Britney’s condition continues to be up, then down, at best. We’ll keep following Britney Spears for you, keep it right here.

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