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When actor and comedian Kevin Hart was reported to be in a serious accident over the weekend, it was thought that his friend, Jared Black, was the one in the cockpit of Kevin’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda muscle car. Until today…. TMZ is now reporting that the first witness on the scene immediately after the crash says Kevin was the driver, not Jared.

You’ll remember, Kevin was said to have sprung himself from the wreckage, hopped in an SUV, and taken off. Well now we know he was actually pulled from the driver’s side window by his bodyguard, and then they jetted, leaving his friends, Jared and his fiance, still stuck in the crushed Barracuda. The biggest reason it was thought Jared was driving when the crash happened is because Highway Patrol reported Jared was in the driver’s seat when they arrived.

There may be innocent reasons for these discrepancies in the story because quite frankly, several things reported have turned out to be inaccurate – one being that Jared actually sprung himself from the vehicle, not rescuers – so let’s not rush to judgement. Kevin and Jared are both still recovering, and we’re not aware of any official statements from either of them yet, but things are shaping up a bit weird.

From the beginning, we thought it was odd for a guy with a back injury to flee the scene and leave much needed medical help in the wind. If there’s real trouble here, Kevin Hart will likely deal with it, expeditiously. We’ll be watching this story and we’ll keep you plugged in. Until the next time it drips….

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