It’s been a long time coming, but almost exactly a year after Mac Miller’s tragic and untimely drug overdose, those who contributed to the rapper’s death are finally being brought to justice. Yesterday, 28 year old Cameron Pettit was charged with one count of federal distribution of narcotics, a charge that could keep him in jail for up to twenty years.

Prosecutors have figured out that in the early morning hours of September 5th last year, Cameron Pettit delivered a deadly concoction of drugs to Mac Miller’s California home, including counterfeit percocets laced with fentanyl, drugs that would eventually take Mac Miller’s life. Fentanyl is 50 times more potent than heroin. Not knowing what he was in possession of, Mac Miller was found unresponsive just two days later on September 7th.

The feds have text messages detailing the agreement between Pettit and Miller before the drug deal went down. They also have Instagram messages between Pettit and friends, just after Miller’s death, saying things like… “Most likely I will die in jail,” and ” I think I should probably not post anything… just to smart.”

This is likely just the beginning for Central California District federal prosecutors because they also mention at least two other major players in Mac Miller’s supply of narcotics. Apparently, a prostitute and a madam were also involved, dropping off pure oxy, cocaine, xanies, and other powerful drugs, all around the same time as Cameron Pettit. The reality is, Mac Miller was ordering up an insane amount of dope, but he didn’t ask for any fentanyl.

We’ll see where the case goes from here – when we know, you’ll know. Until the next time it drips.

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