With a move that has the music industry in a tailspin and her legions of fans’ collective heads about to explode, rap superstar Nicky Minaj unceremoniously annouced her retirement to the world this morning on Twitter. That’s right… “the Twitter.” Among other things, Nicky, who now goes by the moniker Mrs. Petty, told her fans… “I decided to retire & have my family.”


Other than a rekindled relationship with Kenneth Petty lately, a relationship they both appear to be taking extremely seriously, there’s been no other indication the Hip Hop Queen would be making such a move. She’s been aggressively jumping on features with new stars like Megan Thee Stallion and Pop Smoke, and also has the wildly popular Queens Radio show making lots of waves in the industry right now.

In her statement she did seem to hint there’s an element of what could just be exhaustion from detractors and trolls, when she says… “I know you guys are happy now.” However, this year Nicky Minaj became the first female rapper to sell 100 million units across albums, singles, and features. She’s just come off a wildly popular world tour, and Nicky has a whopping 106 million followers on Instagram, watching her every move. It’s hard to imagine any record label accepting retirement from a superstar that large.

I predict Nicky Minaj may take a little time to start a family, but retirement is highly unlikely. Until the next time it drips….