Ariana Grande has been voicing her opinion on the fate of the man federal prosecutors say sold her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, tainted oxycodone pills… she wants lots of jail time. His name is Cameron Pettit, and he’s been charged with one federal count of distribution of illegal drugs. TMZ reports their insight into Ariana’s thinking comes from a close confidant in her circle.

She’s apparently feeling a lot better about the emotionally draining ordeal knowing that law enforcement is on the case and going after the criminals that took the love of her life. You may remember, Mac Miller was found dead of a drug overdose from fentanyl-laced oxy pills in his California home in 2018. Ariana was crushed, and what made it worse, she had a lot of trolls online blaming her for Mac’s death because she had just called their relationship off earlier that year. By the time Mac died, Ariana was actually dating SNL comedian Pete Davidson, and the two were engaged at the time.

When Mac Miller passed away, Ariana was really thrown off her emotional axis, and her relationship with Pete would never be the same.

We’re told Ariana knows the prosecution of the drug dealers involved in Mac Miller’s death will be a slow walk – prosecutors have yet to name the prostitute they’re looking at, and a madam, both mentioned in the charging documents. Ariana is ready for justice, but she’s willing to be patient. We’re going to keep you informed if Ariana Grande has any more to say about the case – until the next time it drips…

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