In another sneak attack on private, innocent American citizens, President Donald Trump hurled insults at another man’s wife yet again. Potus took to his favorite Twitter and attacked R&B singer John Legend over not getting enough praise for the criminal reform bill he was able to get passed through Congress this year.


He called the singer a “boring musician,” and then he went for Legend’s wife, supermodel Chrissy Teigen, calling her a “filthy mouthed wife.” Yikes! Apparently after coming for her like that, the President wasn’t big and bad enough to tag her – so Chrissy caught fire….

She called the leader of the free world a “pus** ass bit**” then laughed at him. Chrissy’s not one to be played with over social media – she probably just didn’t want to disappoint him.


For now, the episode seems to have ended with John Legend then addressing Melania Trump… begging her to please pay more attention to her husband. We’ll keep an eye to see if any more insults come from the official Twitter handle of the US President. Until the next time it drips….

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