There’s been an interesting turn of events in the cold war between Wendy Williams and rapper turned TV producer, 50 Cent. Last night Wendy was on the Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, for the first time in six years, when she dropped a bombshell that we belive, heretofore, has never been stated.

When Andy asked her to play a game on the spot and name three nice things about 50 Cent, among other things, Wendy revealed that she was one of the first people to play his music on the radio in New York City. Mid-sentence, she stopped and said, “As a matter of fact, probably the first to play his music on the radio, on a cassette.” Then she goes on to say she got suspended for two whole weeks without pay over the move – playing music not on a radio station’s playlist is usually a no no in the business.

50 Cent’s reaction seems to suggest he had never heard that little tidbit of information either, as he seems to say he’d now invite Wendy to the next TYCOON event in New York – a weekend of celebrity partying and fun he tried mightily to lock the talk show host out of just a few weeks ago. They’ve been jousting for years, but maybe this revelation can finally thaw those icy New York waters.

Until the next time it drips….

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