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Kevin Hart’s condition has apparently improved so much that TMZ is reporting the comedian will most likely be released today. The Jumanji star had surgery nine days ago to fuse three spinal fractures, and has been cooped up at the hospital ever since. After reports of him being in excruciating pain just days ago, we’re being told Kevin has actually taken several short walks and is in good spirits now.

When he does leave the hospital, he won’t be headed home just yet though. Kevin will have to go through a serious physical therapy regimen. He’ll likely spend a couple weeks at an inpatient physical therapy facility, much like an old folks home, where they’re able to work with people that have serious back injuries until the patient is back up and out.

As for the investigation into the crash… right now the focus is on the car in question, Kevin’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, which he and his friends found themselves trapped in. California Highway Patrol has serious questions about the safety of the vehicle and the restoration work that was done on it. The car is being dismantled and examined for safety violations as we speak. Who knows where the situation will go from here.

On all things Kevin Hart, we’ll keep you plugged in. Until the next time it drips…

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