The US Attorney in Tekashi69’s case just sent a letter to the judge outlining exactly how they expect the rapper to snitch on his gang next week in court. Apparently Tekashi’s going to identify names and usernames in various texts and DM communications investigators have obtained. Understanding who the players are is vital to unraveling criminal conspiracies, and only someone in the clique would know.

Tekashi69 is expected to testify about crimes perpetrated against himself as well. He’ll name the Nine Trey gang leader he believes masterminded his kidnapping and robbery last year. The “FeFe” rapper was stuck-up for $700k in that one episode alone, and Tekashi69 believes it was his own gang members that got him. TMZ is reporting that Tekashi69 will also testify that Nine Trey member SEQO put out a hit on him. He apparently told rival blood gangs to “fire on him” in the streets.

The US Attorney’s letter to the judge details how Tekashi69 was getting taken for his cash, forced to fund gang activity and even kick down cash to individual gang members, a long suspected modus operandi for rap stars repping gang ties, but it appears this time prosecutors have defacto evidence of such an arrangement.

Reportedly, when Tekashi69 was done being taken advantage of, he stopped paying the gang. That’s when his fortunes changed, and the crew wanted him dead.

If Tekashi69 keeps his end of the bargain with prosecutors, by the end of next week the question will become… what do they now owe Tekashi69? Will he be released soon? Every moment behind bars is like playing russian roulette with bloody retaliation. Tekashi69 has to make a move soon and it better be a good one.

We’ll keep all eyes on the situation- until the next time it drips…

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