The two veteran actors were sitting down with Extra‘s Miss USA Cheslie Kyrst, and they both opened up about how they were feeling since losing cast member, Jussie Smollet to scandal earlier this year. They described how things weren’t the same without Jussie on set playing their middle son on their hit show, Empire.

When asked which cast member he was closest to, Terrence said, “I was closest to Jussie. It hurts not to have him here. It’s like losing a son.” He went on to add that even though it hurt, he’s still glad the media circus that surrounded the crew and their filming of the show was now gone. Taraji wanted Cheslie to know how she’s been affected, saying “I miss him just like a mother misses a child.”

Most of you know Jussie Smollett had to be fired from the show because he was alleged to have faked his own beating in a staged hate crime in Chicago. Though the actor ended up only paying fines, Jussie has been roundly embarrassed by the episode and essentially banned in all of Hollywood. However, Jussie still maintains his innocence in all things concerning the situation.

‘Cookie’ & ‘Lucious’ went on to indicate a storm is a comin’ for their on screen love affair with a promo reel of Lucious knocked out cold on the floor. Don’t miss the season premier of Empire on FOX, coming your way September 24th.

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