Antonio brown took to Instagram Live yesterday just to show his followers he is still in the good graces of the New England Patriots family, even after rape allegations. He was at Tom Brady’s famous TB12 training facility where he took some 17,000 Live viewers on a tour of the place, captured by TMZ Sports. It didn’t appear Tom Brady himself was there, but Antonio was being trained by Tom’s guy, Alex Guerrero.

On the feed Antonio says, “Call God… In a time of crisis, all I ask is love, dedication, and focus.” He also said… “Somebody gotta do this work.”

In light of the new rape and sexual assault allegations, Bill Belichick said Antonio would be practicing, but he stopped short of saying he would play on Sunday. Of couse you know Antonio just scored a one-year $15 million contract out of the Patriots, but he couldn’t play the season opener, so fans really want to see him on the field this Sunday.

It’s been pointed out that no one knows if Antonio gave coach Belichick a heads-up about the impending rape lawsuit. His accuser might have enough evidence to keep a cloud over Antonio and the Patriots all year long.

It’s hard to tell how things will shake out in the end, but it’s looking more like Antonio’s former team, the Oakland Raiders, and coach Jon Grudden, may have actually avoided a massive headache when Antonio wanted out… and saved themselves $50 million in the process.

We’ll be watching the happenings with the Patriots and Antonio Brown – until the next time it drips…