Rapper and Death Row alum, Kurupt, had a serious relapse in his battle with alcoholism while filming the show Marraiage Boot Camp. TMZ reports there was a party at the MBC house where everybody started drinking heavily and it led to an all night rowdy affair.

However, being an actual alcoholic, that is exactly the kind of situation Kurupt should never be exposed to. He ended up being rushed to the hospital and there he stayed, missing two days of filming.

As a consequence for this dangerous incident, we’re told producers have now outlawed alchohol for the Marriage Boot Camp house, now and forever. No word yet on how other cast members feel about the prohibition, but when you have cast members with substance abuse issues, you might not want to expose them to dangerous circumstances like that.

We’re working on more updates on Marriage Boot Camp for you, stay tuned. Until the next time it drips…

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