Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down… While Kevin Hart is recovering from serious back surgery at a physical therapy facility, he found out former sextape partner, Montia Sabbag, is suing him, looking for a HUGE $60 Million pay day. That’s right, in question is the same sextape used to extort the Jumanji actor back in 2017.


You may remember, it was found out that one of the actor’s best friends, JT Jackson, was the mastermind behind the whole thing. He set up a secret spy cam in a Vegas hotel room and caught Kevin and Montia having sex. Jackson was eventually arrested and charged with two counts of extortion over the dirty move.

However, Montia now believes that Kevin Hart and JT Jackson were actually working in concert to get her on film. TMZ says she’s suing for intentional infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy.

Her reasoning… She thinks Kevin intentionally wanted to blow up his life with a new wife and belly full of baby, just to sell his upcoming comedy special. ….This is what she’s saying. In reality, the comedian had to go on a public apology tour, as most of his deals were blowing up – he actually couldn’t sell anything at the time, but whatevs.

In fact, most folks still believe Montia Sabbag was actually a part of the plot to extort Kevin from the beginning, but she was never charged with anything. She did act odd about the whole thing at the time, and she seemed to indicate she knew more about the crime than she was saying.

We’ll be following this one closely for you – until the next time it drips…

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