There’s a young lady calling herself “Rosedealer” on Instagram who is claiming she and rapper Fetty Wap are married. We’ve learned her real name is Leandra K. Gonzalez and reports are that she’s a Canadian. In fact, Bossip is reporting that “Rosedealer” claimed in an Instagram post that the two got married on August 3rd in Toronto. We haven’t been able to find that post, but if they’re married, great!


She also has several posts of her and Fetty Wap together, and a recent post where she shows off a ton of red roses and says… “Even tho he all the way in Germany, my husband managed to sent me 300 roses” (for her birthday). There seems to be lots of pushback from Fetty Wap fans on her page, but support from a few celebrities like L&HHNY’s, Kimbella.


“Rosedealer” also calls herself “Mrs Maxwell” on her page, but as far as we can tell, Fetty hasn’t confirmed his marital status. In fact, there is no recent mention of “Rosedealer” or Leandra K. Gonzalez at all on his social media, least of all, a formal marriage announcement. We’ll keep watching though.

Until the next time it drips…

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