It just came down how much Mac Miller’s estate is really worth and it’s a lot. His estate filed documents valuing all of his holdings at $11.3 million. It was previously thought he was worth about $7 million… wrong. Given how things work, the value of his music catalog has probably added significant value since his untimely death last year.

TMZ is reporting that Mac really looked out for the homies too! Apparently, he left all of his belongings to a list of friends named in the legal documents. They got everything from Mac’s clothing and jewelry, to the very expensive musical equipment he used to make his hit songs with.

Mac Miller’s mother, father, and brother will share in the rest of his valuable estate. It’s being reported there’s a bank account with over $5 million cash in it, not to mention the real estate holdings and other business interests he may have had. His music catalog will likely make tons of money for years to come also.

We’ll keep watching the developments on all things Mac Miller – until the next time it drips…

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