Tekashi69 just completed his first day of testimony in the federal case against several members of the New York City Nine Trey street gang. When prosecutors asked Tekashi69 to identify Nine Trey gang members Anthony Ellison and Aljermiah Mack… Tekashi69 did identify them. The two are on trial for robbing Tekashi69 of $700k in jewels, among other things.

TMZ reports Tekashi had on prison blues, and oddly enough, he still has his famously colored hair, in pigtails of course. Tekashi admitted on the stand that he came to the Nine Trey crew and asked to be in the gang back in November of 2017, while on a video shoot.

He really wanted to come-off gangsta in his music video, so he basically started paying for the crew. Tekashi admits since the beginning, he was little more than a cash cow for the gang, and didn’t even go through initiation.

In fast order, he became party to robberies, shootings, and drug deals – so he got what he came for. More precisely, we know from his testimony today… Tekashi69 got what he paid for.

Tekashi69 was escorted out of the courtroom by marshals in a super secret fashion, and he’s being housed with the rest of the government snitches in New York. We expect more from Tekashi69 on the stand tomorrow, so stay tuned. Until the next time it drips…

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