Rapper Dave East, star of new Hulu series, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, found himself in an interesting quandry over the weekend in Las Vegas. After he finished his set at Drai’s Nightclub, the rapper invited two young women he’d just met back to his hotel room for a little three-way tryst and – you guessed it – things did not go well.

TMZ reports, after the sexual encounter started, one of the ladies got pissed because she wasn’t getting enough ‘attention.’ Somehow she and Dave East got into a heated argument and the police had to be called. Dave claims the woman threw champagne bottles at him, resulting in cuts to his head.

The female told the cops Dave East tried to punch her 5-6 times, but somehow, only hit her on the arm. Coincidentally, through his lawyers, Dave says he had to grab her by the arm to put her out of the room. They say he was simply concerned with everyone’s safety.

The cops interviewed his friends and hers, and no one got arrested, but police decided to cite them both for misdemeanor battery. Not sure how this will shake out, but it’ll be coming to a courtroom pretty soon. We’ll keep you updated – until the next time it drips….