Tekashi69 came back for another round of finger pointing and identifications in federal court today. This time on the stand, Tekashi69 described how he fell out of Nine Trey graces, and it’s all about the paper chase. The rapper booked a show in Houston, Texas where he would have had a $10-15k payday, had he been able to take the stage.

Problem is, Houston is the hometown of Legendary record label, Rap-A-Lot, and it’s longtime outspoken CEO, J. Prince. TMZ reports that Tekashi69, apparently, didn’t “check in” with Rap-A-Lot records before he booked his show. That move was a no-no in Houston, so Tekashi testified that Rap-A-Lot sent thugs to block him, Harv, and his manager Shotti from taking the stage.

That big reveal about how Rap-A-Lot controls the Houston rap scene sent chills through the courtroom – exposing the method and means to retaining power in the Hip Hop game. According to Tekashi69, that loss of one payday caused a rift between the three men that would lead to Harv getting fired from Tekashi’s team. Harv thought Shotti was going soft.

Well he wasn’t, because when J. Prince was in NYC a month later, Shotti called the crew, grabbed a pistol, and robbed J. Prince’s homies all up in the hotel… on camera too. Tekashi69 was there as it went down, and also took his own video of the brazen jacking. You have to figure one good turn deserves another – if any of this is actually true.

Tekashi69 is telling it all, and there’s so much more. Stay tuned…

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