The “FeFe” rapper is truly spilling the beans on all his felonious activities as a Nine Trey gang member in his short-lived thug life. He’s also breaking down a lot of info about the New York gang scene and identifying guys from other sets that surely want nothing to do with any of this.

Tekashi says he couldn’t stand rapper and label mate, Trippie Redd. Their well known beef was fueled by sheer jealousy and envy – Trippie was signed before Tekashi69 and for whatever reason, that wasn’t okay with him. Even after the two rappers collaborated on a hit song, not even success was enough to bond them.

Tekashi admits to ordering his former manager and now convicted felon serving 15 years, ‘Shotti,’ to roll on Trippie Redd. That’s when Anthony ‘Harv’ Ellison, one of the defendants on trial, cornered Trippie at his hotel room and started punching him. Tekashi69 said he stayed in the car while it all went down, but he and Harv got tight, and Tekashi made him his bodyguard. This is the same Harv who allegedly went on to kidnap Tekashi and stick him up for $700k.

Tekashi69 also broke down how he played pay-master to the Nine Trey set – they took nearly half his pay check. TMZ reports Tekashi explained that if he made $250k for a show, he would keep $185k and the gang would keep the rest, leaving the gang with tons of money to do their worst throughout New York City.

There’s more information coming in on his testimony, so be sure to check right back. Until the next time it drips…