The superstar wide receiver just got a bit of bad news about his biggest endorsement deal. Nike just dropped his shoe, Tech Trainer, from their lineup, and it can no longer be found for sale through Nike. TMZ Sports also confirmed with a Nike representative that Antonio Brown is no longer a Nike athlete.

AB’s life and career has been in turmoil for months since leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers for free agency. In that time, he’s had a blown-up $50 million deal with the Oakland Raiders, mostly of his own doing. Then he got bailed out by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots with a nice one-year $15 million deal, only to have it all now in jeapardy from what is at this point, a series of sexual assault allegations.

When Antonio’s college friend and professional trainer, Britney Taylor, told the world that Antonio sexually assaulted and raped her back in 2018, AB denied it and seemed to have no problem making light of the allegations to his millions of followers on social media, just last week. He probably should have just kept quiet until he figured out how to handle the situation responsibly, because it sure looks like the first domino has just fallen.

We’ll be checking to see if AB has any reaction to this developing story. Until the next time it drips…

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