Tekashi69’s identifying and signifying in federal court is in full swing into his third day of testimony. His snitching has now touched the very top of the Hip Hop industry. Not sure why, but TMZ reports Tekashi has just positively identified superstar Cardi B as a New York Blood gang member.

Before that, he identified rapper Jim Jones as a Nine Trey Blood as well, and prosecutors actually played a taped phone call of Jones, Tekashi69’s manager Shotti, and Nine Trey member Mel Murda, all planning on having Tekashi69 “violated” as revenge for snitchin’ on the gang.

Prosecutors also played a dashcam video of the night he was kidnapped by the two blood members on trial, Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack. Tekashi69 admitted he lied about getting pistol whipped unconscious when the jacking first started – he says he was simply embarrassed, although they did tune him up with the pistol before it was all over with. Tekashi also claimed he didn’t know who robbed him, but on the video, he’s clearly heard calling Harv’s name several times.

Oh, and he (Tekashi) put up $50k for any Nine Trey to have rapper Chief Keef robbed and shot at. You all remember that episode… that was Tekashi69’s handywork. They say he only ended up shelling out $15k for the job because the dude, whoever that was, only busted off one shot. It’s very dangerous to be a successful rapper these days. Not only do they have to look out for jealous, crazy fans, they’re actually trying to kill one another. Wow.

Check back for more updates – until the next time it drips…