Actor and comedian Kevin Hart is finally back in his Calabasas, California home after an epic brush with death last month. He and his friends were in his classic muscle car on Mulholland Highway when the car careened off into a ditch. Kevin spent ten days in the hospital after being rushed to the emergency room and undergoing extensive back surgery. Doctors had to repair three fractures in his back with the fusion procedure.

TMZ reports through conversations with the actor that he’s still in a lot of pain, but isn’t being medicated with strong drugs anymore. As we all know now, these are exactly the kinds of circumstances that can bring about undue reliance and addiction to powerful pain medications, so it’s good to hear Kevin address the issue straight away.

He’s going through physical therapy exercises with private, in-home help, and Kevin’s been told his prognosis is great! Doctors say he should make a full recovery by the time this is all over with. He wrapped two movies before the whole ordeal got started, so no work for now, just rest and physical therapy. The comedian says he’s just “grateful” to be alive.

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