The braggadocious ex- Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder, Damon Dash, now finds himself broke. He recently filed court documents claiming he only made about $56k in all of 2018, a far cry from when he was running the New York music scene with rapper and icon Jay Z. TMZ reports “Dame” is even asking a judge to relieve him of his duty to his children to pay child support, citing the fact that his ex-wife, Rachel Roy, is doing so well financially.

A stunning admission really, from a man that has always bragged about being such an awesome businessman, and aggressively put others down for working for someone else, like simply holding a legitimate free market job. Look how Dame went after these hard working fathers in an interview, criticizing how they’re raising their children. Your average postal worker can pull down $56k in a calendar year, easy – this has to be a hard pill to swallow for Damon Dash.

Perhaps we had a warning this was about to happen when he employed gangsta like tactics last year to force TV producer and Empire creator Lee Daniels to refund him monies Dame had legitimately lost on a bad investment between the two. Dame angrily approached Daniels at a rehearsal and appeared physically threatening to him, all on camera. It became a very embarrassing tabloid episide, and really beneath the stature of both men.

We all know he can’t go to Jay Z for cash or business opportunities because he can’t stop criticizing the man. Jay Z is now a literal billionaire. It’s probably safe to assume his bridge with former business partner Lee Daniels is also throughly burned. Not sure what the brilliant entrepreneurial tactition, Dame, will do next, but for now his only solution seems to be… dump those kids.

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