Last night on Bravo the world got to see how hard it can be for a well meaning wife to defend a questionable husband. In the second installment of The Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion show, the testimonies piled up and the evidence got a lot clearer that Michael Darby isn’t just allegedly a big ole’ “butt grabber”… but a serial one at that.

Ashley Darby’s little face got tighter with every close-up, as she continued to assert that she believed Michael’s denials, but it’s getting harder to tell if she even believes what’s coming out of her own mouth. You all know Michael was accused of grabbing the rear end of a RHOP producer last year, and he (the producer) did file a complaint. It made huge news as Michael was criminally investigated, only to have the charges dropped.

But it doesn’t end there because the show has footage of the incident and this issue is still a live hot potato. Cast members reminded Michael why they don’t believe his denials, and recounted several circumstances from season one where he was accused of grabbing men’s butts. Gizelle Bryant confronted Michael with the fact she actually saw him grab a guy by the butt at a party, and she told him… “Michael, stop!”

Robyn Dixon also recounted how she overheard Michael while talking ‘to Ashley,’ saying that he (Michael) would “suc* his d***.” We’ve heard this before, but we didn’t know it was his own wife, Ashley, that Michael was talking to. And now we know the guy Michael was talking about was Robyn’s ex-husband, Juan Dixon.

As a practical matter, all these guys could still sue – they could sue Michael, the show, and scorch the earth over there. This is about possible sexual assault and a hostile work environment, so who knows where all this could go. We expect more reveals next week on part 3 of the RHOP Reunion show, so we’ll be tuning in and you should too. Until the next time it drips….

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