In the next chapter of what can only be described as a surreal lesson in how fortunes can change on a dime, the agent of outcast wide receiver Antonio Brown now insists that his client is not retired… no matter what Antonio had to say about it. You may know after losing his $15 million one-year contract with the New England Patriots, Antonio hastily announced over Instagram that he was done with the NFL.

What you may not know is that his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, says not so fast. Rosenhaus says he’s in communication with several NFL teams that have interest in the future “Hall of Fame” wide receiver. He seems sure that when the smoke clears from the NFL’s investigations, Antonio will be able to jump right back on the horse and pick up where he left off with his record breaking career.

To the notion that Antonio is chunking it all for a return to college, Rosenhaus has this to say… “I know there’s been a lot of speculation as to whether or not that means he’s not going to proceed with the NFL but taking online college courses to get your degree or your post-graduate degree is something that I would recommend to every client … I wouldn’t read too much into that.”

If the investigations don’t scuddle him, AB will be back in the league sooner or later, but the issue is and has always been, at what cost? Antonio leaped at the chance to play with the Patriots as if money didn’t matter at all. However, now it seems Antonio finally realizes how important the money truly is. He was honest with his Instagram followers about just how much money in gaurantees he’s lost lately… $40 million, and that’s all just in just the last few weeks. His defrost is finally working.

It seems the situation has truly gotten sad – to see a man work so hard all his life to achieve so much, only to watch it go poof right before his eyes. We’ll let you know what happens next with Antonio Brown and the NFL. Until the next time it drips…