Yesterday while cruising through Houston city streets, rapper Blac Youngsta and the gang got pulled over by police. They claim the driver ran a red light. When cops walked up to the car, the cops smelled weed, so a search was automatic. TMZ is reporting they found an arsenal of handguns in the SUV they were in, and they reported there were armor-piercing bullets found as well. Those kinds of bullets are outlawed, and often referred to as “cop killers.”

Blac Youngsta wasn’t driving, and it’s not clear what all he’s been charged with, but he did get popped for possession of those “cop killer” bullets – felony possession of a prohibited firearm. One of his boys was also charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon, but they let the others go. And apparently, police did find that weed they were looking for… at least that’s what they say.

We’ll be following the developments with Blac Youngsta and this situation- until the next time it drips…

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