Rapper Soulja Boy is finally getting back to entertaining his fans again. He was spotted on the streets recently, spittin’ his game and talkin’ his sh**. Except this time, we’re hearing it from a healthier, clearer version of the “Crank That” baller than before.

Since his release from the LA county jail in July, TMZ reports Soulja Boy has gained 50 lbs, and he’s working out. They also say, now get this… they say “Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em” is clean and sober – no lean and not even alcohol. Apparently his addiction to lean was costing him $500 – $800 a day and as we all know, Soulja was skinny as a rail.

His last brush with jail life must have been really traumatic for the rapper because his lifestyle has done a complete 180. Soulja’s cautious now and keeps his circle very small. No more running with a crew, although, we see in this video, he does have a convenient hype-man available. The game can rest easy now that Soulja Boy seems to be getting back to form, and we wish him the best of luck!

Until the next time it drips…

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