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The US Attorney’s office made a move on another alleged drug dealer in the Mac Miller accidental overdose case. They arrested a guy named, Stephen “Steve” Walter in Los Angeles because they believe he was the source of the fentanyl tainted percocet pills that ended of taking Mac Miller’s life.

Authorities say Cameron James Pettit, arrested earlier this month, contacted Walter on the night of September 4th, 2018 looking for “ten blues” – percocet pills. To that request, Walter sent a runner named Ryan Reaves out to Cameron Pettit’s house with the pills. Pettit then delivered the 10 tainted percocets to Mac Miller’s by 2:30 AM on the morning of September 5th. Mac Miller was found dead in his home on September 7th.

Authorities also released a set of text messages from Mac Miller to Cameron Pettit placing Mac’s initial order for the pills. Mac asks Pettit for “percs.” He also asks Pettit… “Any chance I could get 10 of those 10 bars and a ball?”


Stephen “Steve” Walter has been charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance, as it appears the deadly blue pills originated with him. A known drug dealer, TMZ reports Walker is still on supervised release from doing a ten year bid in the federal penitentiary. The question will likely become now… how did those drugs get laced with fentanyl? Who is responsible for that?

We’ll follow every move in the case and bring it to you fast – until the next time it drips…

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