Actress Meagan Good has had a hard time trying to thread the needle between her Hollywood lifestyle and her Christian beliefs. She’s had a long and successful career, building a reputation as the sexy leading lady. However, when she married Seventh Day Adventist preacher, DeVon Franklin, life truly changed for the starlet, and not all for the better.

Even though Meagan has been married to DeVon since 2012, her fans still judge her harshly for the images she chooses to release. She dropped this image of herself in a sexy bikini a month ago, but the negative comments are still flowing in….


One follower asked… “Is this pleasing to God?” Another wanted to know, “Why become a pastor’s wife then?” Of course Meagan has also received many words of support, after all this is happening on her social media page, but the negative jeers do sting, and we know they’ve taken a toll on the Friday alum.

You may remember that earlier this year the actress admitted she doesn’t really attend church much anymore because of her “unfortunate” experiences with what she called “some church folk.” The obvious question is… should Meagan hold back on the heat, given her marital situation?

Well she just dropped a cache of beautiful but scantily clad pictures a couple days ago, so for her part, that is a no. As for Meagan’s upset fan base, they might do well to realize that her preacher husband is actually a very powerful Hollywood producer. Both DeVon and Meagan grew up making movies, and he’s probably just fine with what his wife does.

Meagan has famously claimed that DeVon actually encourages her to do steamy love scenes. She says he tells her to “get into it!” So… to each his own, my friends! Until the next time it drips…

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