Celebrity Drip


Saturday night in New Orleans brought us a punch heard around the world as a video clip shows rapper Dababy’s bodyguard viciously knocking out an aggressive female fan. Dababy was rocking a show at the Free Water Block Party when the fan lunged at the rapper wildly, and immediately caught a two-piece combo from his bodyguard. The bodyguard looks to be every bit of 350 lbs, rock solid, and about 6’7″ or 6’8″. The NFL doesn’t even have a position for people that big. But he’s not sorry for gunning that girl. Check his flow…

That’s right, he says he thought she was a dude… don’t care what y’all say. Big fella actually claims he got a good look at her, because he had scoped the aggressive behavior even before Dababy waded into the rowdy crowd, but he thought she was a he. The WWE-sized man also claims this person hit Dababy in the the back of the head, so he had to protect his artist, and he would do it all again, man or woman.

Well the woman in this case was seen by paramedics that night, but no word yet if she’s planning to sue, or how she feels about being treated so roughly by what some people are now calling “Dababy Sitter.” …I just couldn’t resist that one. If anything develops, we’ll be on top of it. Until the next time it drips…

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