After doing a great job of hyping the project, superstar rapper turned gospel rapper Kanye West, failed to deliver his new album Jesus Is King on Sunday. Getting his wife in on the act, Kanye had Kim Kardashian post a message promising the goods by Sunday, September 29th, but now they need a couple more days still.


Don’t worry your heads through, it’s cool man. A TMZ source says the issue truly is as it always has been with Kanye West album drops… the issue is Kanye. He keeps going in, cracking the tracks open, and reworking the mixes. Kanye’s always been known to be an extreme perfectionist, much to the dismay of industry critics and talking heads… kinda like myself. However, some are calling this most recent episode, outright “fuck*ry”… but not me, I’m willing to wait.

Meanwhile, the artist has been killing some awesome performances with Sunday Service every Sunday, from city to city, coast to coast. Enjoy…

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