Miami legend Uncle Luke is more than pissed at the job the NFL and new head of entertainment, Jay Z and his company Roc Nation, are doing on this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. Late last week we learned JLo and Shakira were chosen to rock the halftime festivities – both huge international superstars, more than enough hotness for one show. But hold up, wait a minute…

Uncle Luke got pissed because neither one of these acts was from the local Hip Hop scene, and he cites the fact that there’s a ton of great choices to pop a great halftime show off like Pit Bull, Rick Ross, etc. While Luke was the first to offer criticism of Jay Z last week, on thisĀ capture by TMZ, Uncle Luke really went in on Jay Z and gives him an “F” so far. He even calls Jay Z a “token black guy” – ouch. Uncle Luke says if this wrong isn’t righted quickly then Jay Z should resign, immediately!

This is Jay Z’s first time at bat leading the Super Bowl halftime show, so it does seem peculiar that the NFL would make the same mistake in bookings as if he wasn’t even there. The NFL has always looked over local artists, it’s a broken record. Perhaps Jay Z and Roc Nation do need to be a little smarter, but Jlo and Shakira will burn that city down, and Miami’s gonna love it.

Maybe because of Luke’s quick protest, the NFL is now trying to lock down “Mr Worldwide” himself, Pit Bull – no other names have been mentioned so far. We’ll see how it goes. Until the next time it drips…

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