Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore went off on her husband of only two years, Marc Daly, during a charity banquet in Atlanta last month. The next day, Kenya announced that she was divorcing Marc, messing up September for lovers everywhere…. but I digress. Kenya put out a statement saying the split was “due to recent and ongoing circumstances.”

At the time, we were like… what does that even mean? Well relax, because now we know. A few days ago Us Weekly reported an RHOA insider is saying Marc had multiple affairs on Kenya during the course of their short marriage together. And before that, a blog called All About the Tea claimed to have a source saying that Marc had a mistress in Brooklyn for his entire marriage to Kenya. A mistress with whom he has several children. The insider spilled…

“Marc has always been distant from Kenya and she assumed it was because he lived in Brooklyn but found out that he’s been seeing another woman that he has kids with. Marc has been seeing this woman for years and loves her very much.”

They also said Marc was only down because Kenya promised to keep the cash coming and pay off his debts. It looks like Us Weekly has provided a lot more validity to those early claims.

Kenya Moore is a very smart woman – but your garden variety i-spy could have figured this out. Hell, put me in front of a computer with a Mountain Dew and a bag of Doritos, and I would’ve run all this mess down, trust. So what gives? Could it be just like the girls on RHOA openly speculated… that Kenya was paying this guy to beef up her storyline?

Only Kenya knows, but we’ll be watching the developments for sure and bring it to you quick. Until the next time it drips…

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