You may ask yourself, how could that be… isn’t this guy behind bars? Well yes he is behind bars, but apparently that don’t stop Tekashi69’s cash flow. His former record label, 10K Projects, is making a major gamble that Tekashi69 will be sprung very soon, and they think the “FeFe” superstar will be worth more when he gets out of jail than he was when he went in.

Rappers like Meek Mill have cited the announcement by seeming to call it “social media propaganda.” Others like rapper Blueface are outright threatening physical harm to Tekashi69. Check the TMZ feed…

10K Projects probably wanted to make sure they jumped out ahead of the competition if Tekashi69 ends up beating his federal prison time soon. All they want is 2 albums… one in English and the other in Spanish. However, though Tekashi69’s sntiching has led to several convictions, there’s no guarantee a judge will accept a significantly reduced sentence, even if prosecutors ask for it. For $10 million, only a sentence of time served will cut it.

Tekashi69 went out of his way to be a criminal. He already had a record deal before he joined his gang, so he didn’t even need them. He bankrolled a violent street gang with enormous amounts of money, and it seems most of the capers were for his benefit against his enemies. For all that bending over backward to be a bad guy, any federal judge could determine that letting him skate now would set a really bad example, and just decide to keep Tekashi69 locked up.

We’ll be following the situation for sure – until the next time it drips.

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