Summer Walker has lauched into her R&B music career on fire. With her debut album, Over It, the young songstress is already setting records. Billboard reports that as of the week ending October 10th, 2019, Over It has acheived 154.7 million on-demand audio streams, a figure that basically translates to 119,000 albums sold.

With these numbers, Summer Walker crushes even Beyonce’s Lemonade, which posted an impressive debut week of 115.2 million streams on-demand. Summer Walker’s streaming numbers have been largely aided by an aggressive promotional push from Apple Music – the streaming service has really helped to get the word out that Over It was one to watch, and her numbers flipped quickly all week long.

Her tracks with superstar artists like Drake and veteran artists like Usher lending legendary samples to her song collection didn’t hurt a bit either. All totaled, Over It ended its opening week with 134,000 units sold and will be posted as the #2 album in the country on Billboard’s Top 200 this Tuesday. It’s been three years since that happened – looks like Summer Walker’s bringing R&B back.

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