Lori Harvey, model and step-daughter of famed comedian and host, Steve Harvey, was caught trying to leave the scene of a pretty serious accident last night in Beverly Hills. TMZ is reporting Lori hit a Prius while driving a G-Wagon Mercedes truck, and somehow her truck landed on its side in the street. They say witnesses told police Lori was texting and driving and that’s how it all happened.

But that’s not all… When the cops arrived, Lori had gotten herself out of her G-Wagon and was attempting to flee the scene – they found her some distance away down the street. While she wasn’t arrested, Lori was charged with misdemeanor hit and run and delaying a police investigation. More investigating will have to be done of course to stick her with texting and driving, but things don’t look good at this point for the rich girl.

They’re also saying she was on the phone with her famous daddy while talking to the cops. Could that be why the police went easy on Lori Harvey and let her go?

You may know she’s rumored to be in an on-again, now off-again, relationship with mogul P. Diddy, which Lori’s dad Steve Harvey is fully aware of. We’ll see how it all develops and we’ll bring whatever shakes loose from the tree. Until the next time it drips…

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