Gucci Mane LaFlare is on an outright tear as he comes for Angela Yee and DJ Envy in the wake of rumors the Trap Music legend was banned from their syndicated morning show, Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. Gucci and Angela Yee have been on the outs since 2016 after he accused her, on air, of trying to come on to him. Angela denied it, but neither one of them can seem to get over the incident.

In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, the only member of The Breakfast Club left to speak with, Gucci Mane laid into Angela Yee after hearing from Charlamagne that the radio host feels disrespected…

“She disrespected herself… that’s what she did. Shouldn’t have made a big deal outta something. Now she embarrassed… Now whoever her dude is like damn, you been a freak like that? He goes on to say… “You tellin’ a man your pus** deep for what?”

Angela Yee did in fact make similar statements about her vagina size in a flirty interview with the rap star, and Gucci Mane reminded us all a few weeks ago as he posted the old clips on social media. Gucci Mane, though he has had several albums to plug since then, apparently has not been back to the show.

The rapper is also upset with the moderator of the broadcast, DJ Envy. Gucci’s pissed because he believes DJ Envy supports Angela Yee’s long standing ban on the rapper, and he even made several threats toward the famous DJ, telling Charlamagne… “It came from that punk *ss bi**h, man.” … “And DJ Envy, he’s a pus** too.”

He also goes on to say DJ Envy was scared to be there and that he would confront him when he sees him. Gucci Mane also says he would slap DJ Envy, saying… “I’ma slap the sh** out of him … It ain’t gonna be his first time getting slapped.”

Angela Yee and DJ Envy both deny Gucci Mane was ever banned, though Angela was definitely offended by Gucci’s actions and was recently discussing how Gucci might apologize to her on air. Let’s just say, she shouldn’t hold her breath for that one. Until the next time it drips.

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