St. Louis rap icon, Nelly, has settled a sexual assault case out of Britain that’s been dogging the rapper for a year now. An accuser known only as Jane Doe swore Nelly forced her to perform oral sex on him somewhere around a show date he had in Essex back in 2017. You may remember Nelly’s girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, also got in the mix when she called Jane Doe a liar on social media – and was promptly sued for the charge.

TMZ reports Jane Doe told a federal judge on Tuesday that she and Nelly have settled the matter amongst themselves, but she didn’t offer any details. Shantel was also let off the hook for the suit against her, as she and the “Country Grammar” rapper look to turn the page. This is actually the second sexual assault case Nelly has been forced to settle out of court in a year – his numbers are flipping, but in the wrong way.

The other woman he settled with was named Monique Greene and in response to those rape accusations Nelly eventually admitted…

“I own my actions and take responsibility for my conduct with Monique Greene.”

He went on…

“I am repairing the trust I broke with Shantel, I have apologized to my family and friends for the embarrassment I have caused them.”

Now that the “St. Louie” legend has settled yet another sexual assault case, is it time to really ask the question… Does Nelly have a problem? Or does anybody really think the issue is simply with these women?

One thing is for sure, continually settling these episodes and pushing them under the rug will not stop them from happening again to other women. And if you care about Nelly, it won’t actually help him either.

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