Rap superstar Future isn’t taking the charge from alleged baby mama #7 lying down… We learned today that the “Mask Off” rapper filed court documents in Broward County, Florida calling Eliza Seraphin a fraud and basically a clout chaser.

Eliza came out with her paternity suit against Future earlier this year after she gave birth to her baby girl in April. She said Future was cool before the baby came, but after she gave birth Future totally ghosted her and stopped communicating, a technique that the rapper seems to have used in similar circumstances with alleged baby mamas, as we reported before.

However, in his legal filing, Future isn’t touching the issue of paternity quite yet. He wants to talk about what he sees as Eliza’s obvious fraud. Eliza first said she had no job, no car, and no bank account… out here all on her lonesome while Future ignores her.

But Future says a cursory check of her IG reveals Eliza is a brand ambassador and also has several other jobs. He says she’s stunting in several cars for all to see, and he knows for a fact she’s leasing a 2018 Range Rover at this very moment. He also says Eliza listed three checking accounts on an affidavit, therefore she’s just a fraud, a phony, and he wants the judge to dismiss Eliza’s blatant attempt to extort money from him.

That being said, he hasn’t denied Eliza’s little girl, not even once. Future also hasn’t addressed Eliza’s proof that they were indeed hanging out around conception time, so if she is a fraud, she’ll just have to be a fraud and baby mama #7.

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