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It’s being reported Kim Kardashian West is working behind the scenes to free another prison inmate and possible victim of the American justice system, but this time the stakes are as high as they get. The state of Texas is about to put inmate Rodney Reed to death, the ultimate punishment.

He was convicted of raping and murdering a woman named Stacey Stites in Bastrop, Texas over 20 years ago, but Rodney has maintained his innocence this whole time. His execution is scheduled for November 20th. The only problem is, Rodney Reed may very well be innocent.

The Innocence Project is feverishly arguing Rodney’s case and asking folks to sign a petition to free him. They say the state of Texas is willfully withholding possible evidence that could exonerate Rodney, or gain him a new trial. Here’s what they consider key facts…

A man named Arthur Snow has come forward providing an affidavit saying Stacey Stites’ fiancee, Jimmy Fennell, admitted to him that he actually killed Stacey, while the two men served time in jail. Snow says his exact qoute was, “I had to kill my n***** loving fiancee.” Snow also testified that both he and Jimmy Fennell were members of the Aryan Brotherhood. Jimmy Fennell was a local police officer at the time of Stacey’s death, but eventually went on to serve 10 years in prison for sex crimes and kidnapping.

The murder weapon has never been tested for DNA. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals refuses to allow DNA testing of crime scene evidence in the trial. In 2018, the United States Supreme Court refused to review the Texas court’s decision to deny.

The three forensic experts all agree their original timeline of Stacey’s death was inaccurate. They have signed affidavits admitting to these errors, which make it impossible for Rodney Reed to have killed Stacey Stites. Renowned forensic pathologist Michael Baden, M.D., also agrees the notion that Rodney Reed Killed Stacey is a medical impossibility.

We’re going to be following this story closely and we’ll bring you more when we get it. Until the next time it drips…

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