Singer Chris Brown is having a yard sale right now at his house in Tarzana, California. He dropped an Instagram post a couple days ago to his 57.9 million followers, asking them all to come out to “da crib.” Chris says his guests will get their pick of designer clothing at significantly discounted prices, presumably his own things.


As you could imagine, LAPD was not happy about the announcement and TMZ has sources saying they went out to Chris Brown’s “crib” yesterday to talk to the rapper and try to shut the whole thing down. Well it didn’t work. We hear the big yard sale in Tarzana is in full swing right now! The cops told Chris he didn’t have the proper permit for such a big crowd, but that’s a crock… he don’t need no stinking permits for a yard sale.

If anything out of the way jumps off we’ll let you know, but the fans are lining up for the deals. Until the next time it drips…

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