It looks like former Sweden inmate and world famous rapper, A$ap Rocky, is headed back to Stockholm, Sweden. This time A$ap’s going back to rock the mic – he has a show scheduled for December 11th. After vowing never to return to the country, A$ap Rocky proves once again that money talks and bullsh** walks.

You’ll remember A$ap was held in a Swedish jail reported to be inhumane for over a month for an incident that was thrust upon him and his entourage by a couple of Swedish thugs looking to mix it up in a street fight. One of them was particularly aggressive and it was all captured on several cell phones.


Still the Swedish legal system thought the whole ordeal warranted holding an American citizen in jail for all that time before making up its mind how to handle a simple fight between young men. The American president got involved and the circumstance turned into quite the international incident. Though Sweden appears to be a democracy with due process, somehow A$ap Rocky couldn’t get bonded out of jail. Again… all over a simple street fight.

TMZ reported the Swedish prosecutor who decided to keep A$ap locked away for his pound of American flesh smugly said of the news, “He can return to Sweden for his gig and won’t be arrested unless he commits another crime.” Those aren’t exactly reassuring words – if I were A$ap I wouldn’t trust that guy.

Roc Nation was probably the interested party that convinced the “Praise The Lord” rapper there’s just too much money to leave on the table in Sweden and too many fans… so he may basically feel like he’s gotta do it. We wish him luck, but A$ap Rocky would do well to remember… the rat gets trapped because he’s desperate for cheese. Until the next time it drips…

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