Kanye West is set to make an appearance this Sunday at the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas and meet with its world famous pastor, Joel Osteen. TMZ says Kanye’s Sunday Service band isn’t on the bill yet, but as we’ve learned so far, where Ye goes, they go.

Apparently Kanye and pastor Osteen will have a conversation on stage where the rapper will talk about his conversion to Christian rap and how worshipping Jesus has changed his life. They say the whole deal was set up to give Kanye 20 to 30 minutes to get it all off his chest. Lakeland Church already has over 10 million viewers every Sunday… the numbers this Sunday are bound to be astronomical.

Kanye’s been through a lot, from losing his mother, the only steadying force in his life at the time, to his long standing mental health issues with being bipolar and clinically depressed. Before his Yeezy Brand took off, Kanye would have epic meltdowns on camera about not being accepted as a designer in the fashion industry.

Again, no confirmation that he and Sunday Service will perform yet, but the appearance should make for very interesting TV, so we’ll be tuning in.

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