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While shopping at Walmart near her home in Florida over the weekend, rap star Trina had an explosive exchange with a female shopper after the woman called Trina a “Ni**** Bit**.” Much of the situation was caught on tape as the rapper got totally pissed over the racist remarks. She then went on a tirade in the offender’s face, yelling and daring her to “say it again!”


It was first said that Trina had mistakenly bumped into the woman, but in an exclusive with TMZ, Trina reveals she was actually trying to help the lady because she was standing in the store alone and crying. Trina said she went to console her by asking her if she was ok. She says the lady looked at her like a demon and said, “Get away from me you ni**** bit**!” … straight like that.

At that point Trina says she was in shock and had to take it all in for a while, so she walked away at the time. But apparently Trina and one of her friends caught up with the same woman at the cash register and confronted her about her insults. The rest is Walmart history caught on cam, as Trina had to prove once again “you don’t know nann.”


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