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Damon Dash has again filed legal docs in an ongoing case against him claiming to be flat-out broke. TMZ has broken another story telling of Damon Dash’s financial misfortune, or more precisely his financial bungling, considering all the wealth that has flowed through his hands over the years.

While his former partner in crime, Jay Z, has gone on to become one of the richest men in the country, Damon Dash had to admit to the court he couldn’t even muster up $2,400 to pay his obligations. Dash said…

“My income streams have all been garnished … and it is very difficult to address the mounting bills until I receive some relief from the courts.”

He also says the money he’s getting from famed Hollywood producer Lee Daniels is being garnished. You may remember the viral video from 2018 when Dash violently confronted Lee Daniels at a Diana Ross concert, demanding to be paid $2 million from Daniels immediately, as Diana Ross tried to get through her set. No blows were thrown but it was easy to see that Lee Daniels was afraid of what Damon Dash might do to him next.

You also may remember that a couple months ago Dash asked a judge to free him of his obligations to pay child support… a real ‘honey I dumped the kids’ move. In that case he claimed to have only made $56,000 for all of 2018. It seems this year Damon Dash is on pace to bring home no bacon and no cheese either.

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